Information is Dead.  Spark Transformation Through Authentic Engagement & Interactivity.

"I met Leif Hansen while attending the Port Angeles Chamber meeting and observed his talent of facilitating and engaging with the crowd.  He has a unique skill that allows people to drop their guard and participate with trust and respect.  We chose to contract with Leif to facilitate a business retreat to improve interoffice relationships.  The team responded well with open communication and positive reinforcement to improve our work environment.  Spark Interaction, teambuilding while having fun." -Jeff Robb, Executive Director, Port of Port Angeles

"Beth and Leif customized and re-tooled their "Improv for Introverts" workshop into an "Improv for Accountants" workshop for staff accountants. We achieved our objectives, and more importantly, had a ton of FUN doing it! All that and some CPE credit too...hard to beat. The Improv tools they taught are a great way to start building the foundations for Marketing and Business Development success early on in your career." -Andrea Ballard, HR Director, Peterson Sullivan LLP

"Leif provided great active, thought provoking group exercises that challenged and gave staff freedom to process changes they all were experiencing in their work setting. His facilitation brought the group to a more honest level of communication, a greater awareness of each other's needs and bonded the staff together towards solutions during a time of high transition and demand. Leif's fun and thought-provoking group work was very helpful." -Janele Nelson, Mission Director, Tacoma YMCA 

"I hired Leif to help rejuvinate, enliven, and inspire our staff and volunteers to help us continue moving in a positive direction. He not only motivated us all to connect and dream big, he left us begging for more! I cannot recommend Leif enough for any type of group facilitation or personal work. He's a magician!" 
-Chauncey hope-Locklear, Executive Director, The ReCyclery

"WOW is the word for you Leif! Your workshop was a complete VALUE of my time. It was fun, informative and a great place to learn. Your energy and commitment to helping others is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us and I look forward to more of your events!"
-Amy Stokes, How to WOW Participant

"I found visualizing about the possibilities of life to be really helpful. My mind tends to drift towards the negative and what I "can't" do, instead of all the wonderful things that I "can" do. Now, 2 years later, I am actually doing some of the things I only dreamt about then. These opportunities were always there, but now I have the courage to seek them out."
-Michelle Strombeck, Personal Coaching Client

“Leif has a winning combination of knowledge and enthusiasm. His overnight creation of the Applied Improvisation Network social website will long be remembered as heroic and transformative.”
-Paul Jackson, Executive Director, The Solutions Focus + Applied Improvisation Network Board President

“My most respected colleague, Rebecca Stockley, sent me an email last year from San Francisco about Leif that said, "Talk to this guy if he calls you. He gets it." And he did and he does. He's a detail guy working with the big picture, and he brings a remarkable tech savvy to support it all.”
-Matt Smith, MattSmith.Net

"Every session Leif surprises me with some insight, something small and obvious, that I’ve overlooked in a lifetime of introspection...Since beginning coaching with Leif, I’ve gained a strong sense of sustained progress in improving the way I live my life. Just as important, I’ve gained solid confidence that change is easier than ever. And there’s no doubt that I’m feeling happier in my life, more relaxed, and more alive than I’ve ever felt...I would definitely recommend Leif’s services to friends or colleagues who are looking for a worthwhile coaching experience"
- Bart Reynolds, Coaching Client

"Take this class if you want to learn more about yourself. It made me let go and filled my belly with laughter and fun. It allowed me to relax and decompress, but at the same time brought a different awareness of myself, a deeper self, one that I could work toward improving...The improv "games" were enlightening and surprisingly fun. They have been great to integrate into and spice up other social gatherings. "
-Aliina Lahti, Personal Playformation Class

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