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 Spark Group F.A.Q

The Basics 

  • What is a Spark Group?
    A three month guided journey with others towards deeper personal and/or professional fulfillment.  Each group of 6-8 people has a specific focus, yet also takes a wholistic approach of giving attention to all life-areas.
  • What Types of Spark Groups Are There?  

    While each Spark Group will always involve giving attention 
to and integrating multiple dimensions of one’s life,  each group also takes on a unique focus 
in order to increase affinity between members and to maximize productivity.  At this time, there are three affinity groups.  If you wish to form a group with a different focus, feel free to suggest it.

    1. "WOW! Leaders" Group

    • Participants who work with groups (teachers, leaders, trainers, coaches, service practitioners) will grow in becoming the most authentic, engaging, passion-led leader in their fields.   Specific content regarding group engagement, activities and social technologies will also be taught.

    2. "The Next BIG THING” / Life Transitions Group

    • For those going through major life-transitions (career change; retirement; relationship change; etc.) or who want to complete a big project that they know will be endlessly postponed without support! :)

    3. "Life Adventure" Group

    • Our focus will be increasing creativity, play and adventure in everyday life.  Participants will experience an increase in overall life-satisfaction, balance and positive forward momentum.  
  • What Do Spark Groups Include?

    1. An Initial Group Catalyzing Retreat (Connect; Learn Processes; Set Vision/Goals)

    2. Weekly Spark Success Group Meetings (Learn; Support; SolutionStorming; Fun!)

    3. Weekly
    Quests (Homework/play to integrate learnings)

    4. Four Hours of Flex 1-1"
    Breakthrough Coaching" (Spend as and when you need it) 

    5. Ending 
    Celebration/Transition Retreat (Celebrate Success & Next Steps)

    6. "
    Goal Buddy" Support System (Partner rotates monthly; decide what's needed)

    7. (Optional) Powerful Private
    Online Spark Tribe (Discussions, Resources, etc.)

    8. (Optional) Amazing
    MindBloom LifeGame (Powerful, fun group goal setting tool)
  • How Will This Benefit My Life and/or Business?

    It depends on your Spark Group's unique focus, but in general:

         -Tons of rich support to move forward and achieve your specific goals

         -Become a more effective, successful, engaging, powerful leader

         -An increased revitalization, inspiration, motivation in life

         -Frequent deep personal/professional insights and transformation

         -Lots of interactive, innovative fun together

         -New, valuable, potentially life-long relationships
  • What Kind of Investment Will I Be Making? 
    The biggest investment you'll be making is deciding in your heart and mind that it's really time to move your life forward.  Your time, money and actions will follow that decision. It's a serious commitment to yourself...and yet we'll make it as fun, easy and supportive as possible.
    • Costs less than an average priced three month coaching package or a quarter at college, yet with so much more included: (2 retreats, 24 hrs of group facilitation, 1-1 coaching, online tools.)
    • No-Risk Guarantee: If, after your initial 1st group meeting (pre-retreat), you decide it’s not going to work for you, you will be refunded 100% of your money -no conditions.
    • $100 awarded for completing group OR optional $200 awarded towards continuing group.
    • What would you would normally pay?  $2500.00
      • Two Retreats=$800* (Meals, Meeting Space & Retreat Facilitation. Accommodations, if needed, are extra.)dr
      • 2 Hours 1-1 Coaching $250
      • 24 Hrs Group Coaching: $1200
      • Spark Tribe,  Tools & Training: $250

     Actual Spark Group Package Cost:  Sliding Scale $1200-$1600 
    Payment Options

    One Time Payment 

    Sliding Scale: $1,200 to $1,800* 

    Monthly During 3 Mo. Program 

    (Total Payment / 3) Per Month

    6 Months Payment Plan 

    (Total Payment / 6) +$10 Per Month

    12 Months Payment Plan 

    (Total Payment / 12) +$15 Per Month


  • How Do I Apply To Join An Upcoming Spark Group?
    Follow this link and you will then be contacted w/in 48 hours for a short interview.

Other Questions

  • Start Dates & Times 
    Group Cycles
    2013 Spring Groups: April-June
    2013 Summer Groups: No new groups, but options for staying connected virtually
    2013 Fall Groups: Sept-Nov
    2014 Winter Virtual Groups: Jan-Mar 

    Initial Catalyzer Retreat & Final Celebration Retreat Dates
    -As groups form, participants will indicate in their application which wknds (Fri Night-Sat Night) works best for them. 

    Weekly Group Meeting Times
    -Tue & Fri I make 5 time slots available (8-10; 10-12; 12-2; 3-5; 6:30-8:30), participants will indicate in their application which times work best.
    -There will also be plenty of room for adjusting the schedule as the group starts evolving and availability becomes known. 
  • Can groups continue? 
    Yes, it is likely that groups will want to continue in some shape or form.  There are three options that I help facilitate:
    1. Repeat same group structure for next season's spark group cycle (usually after break)
    2. Continue a facilitated group in a modified form (i.e. bi-monthly meetings; 1 retreat only; phone only; etc.)  
    3. Continue to meet w/o a facilitator, but stay connected with online tools and occasional coach check-ins. 
  • What if I or another drop out?
    Groups can function fine as smaller groups, however it a group ever looked to drop before 4, I will work with the group to either add new members or transition to a new form of support. Remaining payments, beyond the current month's cycle, would be cancelled.  In other words, if a participant drops out in the middle of the second month, and hadn't paid for that month, the full month would still be due.  If a one time payment had been made, they would be refunded the final month. 


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