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How many times have you participated in a group event only to find yourself bored,
struggling to find relevance, or quickly forgetting what you’ve just ‘learned’?

The fact is that we all crave a deeper experience when participating in a group event, whether a presentation, workshop, meeting, class or other experience.   It’s obvious that we’d want our time to be valuable and meaningful, and yet why do we so often feel the opposite?  Read on to find out what you can do to bust the 'event boredom blues.'

"I've been teaching groups successfully for almost 20 years, and Leif opened my eyes to an entire world I didn't know about. Pop Pop Pop go the ideas!" -Mark Silver, Owner, The Heart of Business

The Deeper WOW!

There's a deeper 'WOW!' that everybody craves, an experience that goes beyond words & ideas, and that leads to authentic engagement & trust. In order to foster that kind of sustained engagement, you're going to need to learn at least five essential skills:

  1. Prime the pump in order to spark curiosity & give your group opportunities to connect before your experience.
  2. Come into full integrity with yourself so that your group senses you’re serving confidently out of sincere care & purposeful passion.
  3. Create enough safety for your participants to stretch their trust muscles by engaging you, your material & each other.
  4. Prepare adaptive content & interactivities that engage the *whole* person and connect them to each other.
  5. Offer follow-up opportunities & social technologies for staying connected to you and your material after your experience together.

To the degree that you gain proficiency in these skills, your participants will enjoy, benefit from & remember their experiences with you, and will stay connected in a way that sustains & spreads the fire. Isn't that the kind of "WOW!" you're wanting to offer? 



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Comments from Past "Fully Engaged"
Workshop Participants:

"Novice & seasoned facilitators alike will be invigorate and inspired by the experiences & ideas they'll learn with Leif." -Michelle Christensen

"I've never experienced such high group energy that was fun, empowering & playful" -Jeffry Myers

"Leif shines with love & authentic goodness, creating a very safe environment" -Jen Louden

"Absolutely worth your time, money & energy!" -Ruth Hartman  

"You're never too old to be a kid again" -Janis Flagg

"Prepare to meet with people on a meaningful level that mamkes you want more!" -David McRea

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