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personal coaching session,  biz consulting session and more!

  • NEW: "Pay-What-You-Can" Single Coaching Sessions (Click to Expand Info). 
    Get unstuck and experience insights and breakthroughs in these powerful PWYC single coaching sessions. The Pay-What-You-Can model means that you get to decide the value of the session AFTER our session.

    It also respects the fact that each of us has a different relationship to money at different times in our lives. Those experiencing financial challenges can get the support they need at any cost, and those experiencing more flow and abundance can support at normal coaching rates or beyond when so inspired. 

    "But what are  'normal' rates for coaching?" I'm often asked.  My normal coaching or consulting rates range from $75-$150, but I've been paid between $20 to $250 an hour, and occasionally I've traded sessions for services or products or just offered a session for free when the situation was warrented.

    I completely trust your heart to lead you to a price and will not challenge or judge you for whatever you feel inspired to offer. Relax.





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